Hemp Oil Serving Information for Pets

Ideally, start at the low end of the recommended range and slowly increase every two weeks until achieving the desired affect or reaching the maximum end of the recommended range.

Anxiety and behavior may be managed at the lower end of the reference range but clients may need to use higher amounts for inflammatory purposes.

Two different concentrations of product are provided to allow for accurate administration in very small and very large breeds, be sure to direct your clients on how to use the product best.

The charts provided will allow you to use either product no matter the size of the dog but you may find administering to a large breed dog with the less concentrated (small dog) bottle will result in quick consumption of the product. Alternatively, administering a very small breed dog with the more concentrated (large dog) bottle may be difficult to do with accuracy.

For best absorption do not give with food and apply directly to the oral mucous membranes.

A syringe and dosing chart for each concentration have been provided with each product.