CBD for pets

More than CBD for Pets

Poppy Willow CBD for pets is veterinarian formulated with all-natural ingredients which work together to help your furry friend thrive. Unlike other, less reputable CBD for pets brands out there, we only use ingredients for pets, not people. So that you can feel confident that your pup is getting nothing but the best.

Ingredients for Pets, Not People

Featuring wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil for dogs, our hemp oil for dogs tinctures are like two supplements in one. Wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil provides extra benefits in every drop and is much healthier for your dog than coconut MCT oil.

While coconut oil is great for people, it isn’t the best for our pets. Wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil for dogs is a more natural, safe, and healthy option, which is why we use it as a carrier oil for all of our CBD for pets.


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