"I tried this CBD oil with my lab who has brain seizures that worsen when he is reactive. He takes a very small dose daily and not only does it stop his seizures and ticks completely, it also stops his anxious pacing. We recently had a vet visit and our vet was pleasantly suprised with his lack of seizures and even more so when she found out it was a CBD oil that was doing the trick. He is only on the CBD oil and not taking any other medications. The syringe is super easy to use and because of the salmon oil inside, my boy always sits and begs for his CBD. his oil has worked wonders for my boy and I would go out of my way to recommend it to anyone needing something for their dog for anxiety, pain or seizures."

"I give Poppy Willow CBD to both my dogs. I have a 9 year old German Shepard mix with lots of anxiety, arthritis and soreness pain from 2 tendon repair surgeries. He doesn’t like taking it easy, so he often over exerts himself and ends up limping for days after. Since he’s been getting the CBD, he is much more relaxed and less sore after he plays to much. His recovery time has also improved as the pain doesn’t seem to linger as long for him. I’ve also begun to give a small dose to my new puppy to help him adjust to his new home. The CBD really helps keep him in a calmer state while I introduce him to new places and things. Best part is both dogs love the taste! I used to struggle to give my older dog other CBD oils and treats. He either didn’t like the taste or I couldn’t figure out an effective dose for his needs. It had become a hassle that we didn’t want to deal with on a consistent basis and relied on harsh drugs the vet prescribe. Now him and the puppy perk up every time I go to grab the bottle. The syringe and dosage chart makes it simple and easy for me to give him the perfect amount. And even though it’s salmon oil it doesn’t smell overly fishy. Any remanence of smell goes away in 30 mins or so since it’s applied directly into their mouths and it doesn’t get all over their fur. I’ve been more than happy with this product and will continue to use it everyday to keep my dogs as happy and healthy as they can be!"
- Alyssa K.Six

"Six months ago we got our dog Moxie from a shelter. She's a great dog but has a lot of anxiety around new people because she was likely abused before we got her. We've tried other CBD products before but none have worked as well for Moxie as Poppy Willow! The dosing is easy with the plastic syringe and she seems to love the taste as well. We've noticed that our dog is much calmer and happier when new people are around (without seeming drowsy) and that her fur is softer because of the salmon oil! We love using Poppy Willow for Moxie and we think that she loves it too!"

"Kona is the most friendly, loving, and adorable dog that I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, in the past people have not showed her the same kind of love that she shows every person she comes across. I adopted kona about a year back at the age of 4 and the first 6 months she was extremely withdrawn and anxious. She still suffers from separation anxiety today, as well as anxiety caused by clicking noises, other dogs, and adverse weather. The only thing that helps when she is suffering from anxiety is Poppy Willow’s hemp oil. Giving kona hemp oil is no problem with Poppy Willow because of the yummy salmon oil taste. The effects are noticeable almost immediately, with Kona becoming more relaxed and playful. This last Fourth of July, Poppy Willow was a lifesaver as fireworks are an extreme stressor for Kona. After only a few whines, she fell asleep on her bed with no problems. That is not something I would be able to say a year ago when I first adopted her. At first, I was slightly skeptical about using hemp oil for my dog, but the natural ingredients and real results that I’ve seen with Poppy Willow have changed my mind about doggy hemp products! I’m so happy to have found a product that helps Kona to live up to her full potential because as a dog mom, that’s really all you want for your pet."